We are a NetSuite Solution Provider Based in Mainland China

As a cloud computing and IT system integrator, we can act as a single service provider for all your IT requirements in Mainland China, including NetSuite ERP/CRM systems, websites and point of sale systems. We can help you localize NetSuite ERP solutions for operations in Mainland China, including finance localization solutions and 3rd party integrations with Chinese E-Commerce platforms.

ERP Implementation Services - How we stand out from the crowd

Many ERP vendors in China offer basic configuration and training services to their customers. But we know this will not help companies to achieve a high return on their investment. This is why our team includes senior consultants in 4 major roles to provide end-to-end support with your Cloud ERP implementation:

NetSuite Implementation Services

Our team includes some of the most seasoned NetSuite implementation consultants based in Greater China. Our NetSuite experts can help you understand how NetSuite ERP can best help your business.


ERP Staff Onboarding Consultation

High level management consultation, including comprehensive ERP training and incentive program design. Our consultants have 10 years experience onboarding employees for NetSuite ERP projects in China and around the world


Business Process Consulting

Any ERP vendor can help you to try and map requirements to your system. We take things a step further and ask the client: "Are your sure this is the best way to do this?" This helps our customers to maximise return on investment in their ERP system.


Application Development

Our technical experts are constantly developing solutions to adapt Cloud-based ERP systems like NetSuite to the requirements of doing business in China. Solutions include China GAAP reporting for NetSuite, China E-Commerce platform integration for NetSuite and payroll for NetSuite in China

NetSuite for Businesses in China

NetSuite ERP can be a major source of competitive advantage for mid-sized businesses in a variety of industries Find out how NetSuite can transform your operations in Mainland China

NetSuite Customers in China:

Businesses in a wide range of industries are using NetSuite to gain a competitive edge in China.

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