We differentiate ourselves from other solution providers by investing more time in the requirements investigation stage before designing a solution. The guiding principle of our requirements investigation services is to help you to discover a solution using NetSuite that can support efficient business growth and operations for at least 5 years.



During ERP implementations, it is typical to gather requirements from different departments and stakeholders. However, because of the integrated nature of NetSuite, any single requirement can have an impact on the system as a whole. Sometimes requirements from different departments will be incompatible with one another. For this reason, we advise clients to establish a clear “project governance structure” to provide a clear process for requirements gathering and decision making. In particular, it is absolutely essential that an executive sponsor participates in the project and signs off on every business requirement shared with us during the investigation phase.


If you have not done so already, we can help you to record and document your business processes for every aspect of your operations. This can help you identify business processes that need re-engineering before system design begins,


Companies that have not digitized their business processes frequently experience a variety of productivity bottlenecks due to data duplication, manual work processes and non-centralised data management. We will help you list and document each of these efficiencies to help you discover how NetSuite’s functions can facilitate major improvements in the way you run your business.


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