Once your NetSuite system has been completely configured, it is absolutely essential to make sure that your end users are sufficiently trained to use the system. Even more important, however, is that each end user needs to recognize the value of the system toward you businesses and is motivated to use the system to perform their daily work. No matter how well designed your system is, organizations that are not used to digitized business management processes may encounter resistance to change. It is therefore essential that companies manage this change with a combination or training programs, internal communications programs and even performance incentives related to system use. Trigger Networks can provide consultation to companies that require support in designing their user onboarding program for NetSuite in each of these areas.




The end result of any onboarding program is to achieve full acceptance of a new system among your company’s staff. Training programs that help users to achieve full proficiency are a crucial component of that. We offer comprehensive initial and ongoing training program templates for you to consider as we help you design a staff onboarding plan. At the same time, we encourage customers to provide suggestions about how to organize training programs to fit your company’s unique work culture to maximize engagement among staff members during training sessions.


One of the crucial components of our change management plan is a program of internal communications to ensure full awareness of the organizational changes that occur as a result of a new ERP system deployment. We realize that for a new system to be rolled out successfully, it is important for company’s management teams to design and execute internal “marketing campaigns” for their new ERP. Using internal campaigns to raise awareness makes it much easier for our customers to achieve end user buy-in and successful system adoption by their entire staff.

We encourage our customers to explore imaginative ways to drive and incentivize end user adoption among their staff. At the same time we aim to help clients with internal communications by sharing best practices observed from previous successful ERP projects managed by our consultants.


It is typical for many of our customers to incentivize user adoption with rewards for staff that use NetSuite in the desired fashion. Our staff onboarding consultants can offer guidance on how to develop effective incentive plans, based on case studies from previous successful NetSuite onboarding programs for our customers. At the same time, while incentives can smoothen user adoption, it is critical that executive teams continuously remind their team that system use is not optional and tie correct system use to role expectations. A good rule of thumb is: if it isn’t on the system, it doesn’t exist!


Ensuring that your end users continue to use NetSuite according to expectations after the initial Go Live period is essential to realize the full return in your investment in NetSuite. We can help you monitor user behavior and identify any issues that need addressing. We also offer a comprehensive KPI design service that allows users to track their work performance using dashboards in the user interface of their NetSuite account.